Cosmos World Records

The Cosmos World Record has been started with an aim to encourage record-holders to showcase their talent and inspire them.



Ms.Namrata Sarma

Ms.Namrata Sarma, Founder & President of the prestigious organisation, " NARI SHAKTI ASSAM", is doing excellent job towards helping the downtrodden. Moreover, she along with her team members is working hand in hand to fight and sensitization and bringing awareness against COVID 19.

Buddiga Satya Surya Ayyanna Jagadish

Buddiga Satya Surya Ayyanna Jagadish , (Born on June 12 , 1964, from Rajahmundry , East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, has received many Awards for his Best Teaching Methods in Education and has actively participated in various Social Services. He has more than 500 Awards , National and International as on date.

Shiv Ganga Sewa Sangh

Shiv Ganga Sewa Sangh (Regd.) Delhi , an organisation started in 2012 for religious purposes is performing excellently all these years by providing free food, clothing, shelter, medicines, etc to Kawaris who come in large numbers during the month of Sawan every year. The team work of Shiv Ganga Sewa Sangh members is highly appreciated.